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Pony Parties

Pony Party - With Our Adorable Bubbles

Pony Party Tips - How to make the most of your Pony Party!

What sort of place would be good to have my pony party?

A large backyard or driveway that isn't on too much of a slope is the best. Read some of the questions people commonly ask about having a Pony Party.

Send out some horsey party invitations.

Have a theme:

Black Stallion
Cowboys & Indians
A Circus

Play some horsey games:

Haystack Hunt - look for things hidden in a hay bale.
Cowboy Hat Toss - try and throw the hat onto a spike.
Horseshoe Toss – try to throw the horseshoe round the pole.
Three-legged Cowboy Race.
Horse Horse Pony - a variation on 'Duck, Duck, Goose!
Prancing Ponies - One child is the head and front legs, the other holds their waist and is the torso and back legs. Now have a race!
Treasure Trail - Like an Easter Egg hunt but with horsey treasures!
Face Painting
Pin The Tail on the Pony
Pass the parcel

Watch a horsey movie:

The Black Stallion
National Velvet
International Velvet
Black Beauty
My Friend Flicka
Sea biscuit
My Little Pony
Racing Stripes

Decorate your party:

Use a few hay bales to sit on or as benches
Horseshoes hanging on the walls for good luck
A horsey cake
Dress up as a horsey character!

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